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Dear Members and Friends,

For the last 23 years members have generously donated to the Fund by direct payroll deduction
of €1 for every €1,000 of basic pay. In doing so members have supported many projects and helped disadvantaged people throughout Ireland.

The management committee, has ensured that all contributions to the Fund have gone to those
in need. All administrative activities around the Fund have been carried out on a voluntary basis
by either serving or retired civil servants. There have been no administration charges, no
expenses claimed and no salaries paid.

We know that there are many financial pressures on everyone in these challenging times and we would like to say a sincere “Thank You” to our members on behalf of all those they have given a helping hand to over the past 23years.

New members are now urgently needed. Voluntary organisations are finding traditional fund
raising methods increasingly difficult. The demand for funding is growing as many worthy
projects desperately need support. If you would like to find out more about the Fund or
would like to become a member please click on the links below.

If you would like to apply for funding please click on the links below.

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Thank you for visiting our website
Paul Malone (Chairperson) Eugene Dunne (Secretary)


The Fund is a good Neighbour to FLAC

Gerry Malone,CSCF and Minister for Justice and Equality  Francis Fitzerald TD

Gerry Malone with Minister for Justice & Equality Frances Fitzgerald TD and the launch of the FLAC Annual Report 2014 and the Neighbour Disputes Booklet. (Photographer Derek Speirs).

Earlier this year the Fund was pleased to grant €4,896 to FLAC (Free Legal Advice Centres) to pay for the printing of 15,000 information booklets on Neighbour Disputes.

The most common issue that causes tension between neighbours seems to be noise. We all have
a bit of a moan when the next door neighbour decides to start a big DIY project early on a Sunday, or their party keeps us awake, but when the problem is more than an occasional minor annoyance you might find yourself having to take action.

FLAC with the help of the Fund have produced a very helpful booklet to advise people in this situation. The booklet was formally launched on the 6th July 2015 by the Minister for Justice & Equality, Frances Fitzgerald TD. It contains helpful advice on the steps you can take if you find yourself living next door to a noisy neighbour or a neighbour who behaves in an anti-social manner. A copy of the booklet can be viewed on the FLAC web site. (http://www.flac.ie/) .

FLAC is a human rights organisation which exists to promote equal access to justice for all. As an NGO, FLAC relies on a combination of statutory funding, contributions from the legal professions and donations from individuals and grant- allocating foundations such as the Fund
to support its work. Pointing to the work done by the organisation in 2014, FLAC chairman Peter Ward SC noted that “access to justice is a fundamental part of any democracy. FLAC’s analysis on consumer credit and debt during the year shows that there are still serious problems for those who need to use the law to achieve a fair outcome or to ensure that there is respect for their rights. Lack of money, lack of knowledge continues to lead to inequality. That is in addition to people who need help just understanding the general law as it affects them. Through FLAC and its partner services, we were able to help almost 28,400 people in 2014.”

Bon appetit to ABACAS Kilbarrack Special School

ABACAS Kilbarrack Special School is an evidence based school for children with a diagnosis of Autism. They have a roll of 36 students and each student has an individualised educational programme designed to meet their needs as identified through formal assessment.

The school Principal Mr Christopher Platt contacted the Fund, and told us how the school badly needed to install a work-station kitchen where older students could learn skills like cooking and cleaning which enable them to lead independent lives. A grant of €2,000 was made and this summer a much needed kitchenette was installed as the pictures show.

kitchen kitchen kitchen

The Fund wishes all the students and staff in Kilbarrack bon appetit.

The Fund Hits the Heights with a €5,000 Grant to the Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team

The Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team (the Team) is an entirely voluntarily operated
112 / 999 service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.wwwdwmrt.ie

While the Team’s main area of operation is in the Dublin and Wicklow mountains, they also cover as far as the Cooley Mountains in Co. Louth. On top of this, the Team will also travel to other parts of the country when requested, to back up other Mountain Rescue Teams and the Gardai.

The Team’s purpose is to provide a professional mountain rescue service for those who find themselves in need. This may include, Mountain or Crag accidents or lost /overdue / missing persons. In the last number of years the team responded to over 50 “call-outs” on average per annum.

The Team is made up of 40 volunteer members who come from all walks of life - outdoor instructors, doctors, ambulance personnel, engineers and farmers to name a few. They have
two vehicles, a transit style vehicle, which acts as an operations base vehicle and a Land-rover which is a first response technical vehicle. Each vehicle is fully equipped with all the lifesaving equipment needed for their roles in a rescue operation.

The Team applied to the Fund seeking a grant to purchase a mobile patient monitor that would continuously monitor all of a casualty’s vitals at the same time. This lightweight rugged portable device can travel with the patient and improve the medical care of unstable casualties.

Mindful of the large number of walking/hiking groups in the civil and public service, the Fund was only too happy to be able to help. What we oldtimers remember as the Finance hillwalkers now have a website www.lunggompas.web.com and have sent us in some photos.

Thank you to Dermot Keane for the following photos taken during
a trip to Kerry :

hillclub photo

hillclub photo

illclub photo

Thank you to Aongus O Haonghusa for the following photos taken during
a trip to Mayo and a pre-Christmas walk in Wicklow:

hillclub photo

hillclub photo

hillclub photo

The Civil Service Charities Fund has granted €7,740.60 to Down Syndrome Ireland

latch on logo

The Fund gets “hands on” with a grant of €7,740.60 to Down Syndrome Ireland to help buy IT equipment for its much needed technology literacy programme Latch-On.

Literacy & Technology Hands On (Latch-On) is a two-year literacy programme for adults with intellectual disability. Latch-On was initiated and developed at the school of education at the University of Queensland and has a strong foundation in educational research and practice. The programme provides opportunities for adults with Down syndrome to commence and continue their literacy development. In recent years, individuals with Down syndrome have achieved levels of literacy that were once regarded by society as unattainable (Moni, Jobling, Lloyd Morgan & Mann, 2012). Such achievements have been possible because of an increased recognition of the need to maintain literacy as part of lifelong learning.

Latch-On is a four module literacy programme offered to adults with an intellectual disability. The programme is taught twice weekly over two years by a qualified teacher who has been accredited to teach the programme. The teacher is assisted by two tutors. The maximum class size is 12 students.

Down Syndrome Ireland is running Latch-On programmes across all four provinces; with thirteen teaching sites nationwide.

For more information please visit wwwdownsyndrome.ie/campaigns-and-projects/latch-on-project/.

For further information please visit our "Funding Given"page.Funding Given button

Please note we only fund projects in Ireland.

The Secretary,
Civil Service Charities Fund,
19/20, Adelaide Road,
Dublin 2.
Phone: 087-7712124
Email: cscharitiesfund@gmail.com

The Civil Service Charities Fund has donated €2,000 to ABACAS Kilbarrack Special School

ABACAS Kilbarrack Special School logo

The Civil Service Charities Fund has donated €5,000 to the Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team

Dublin&WicklowMountain Rescue team logo

The Civil Service Charities Fund has donated €7,740.60 to Down Syndrome Ireland

Down Syndrome logo

The Civil Service Charities Fund has donated €8,600 to SOSAD Ireland (Save Our Sons And Daughters)
SOSAD logo
The Civil Service Charities Fund has donated €11,0000 to The Irish Men’s Sheds Association

Irish Men's Sheds logo

The Civil Service Charities Fund has donated €26,000 to the Cleft Lip & Palate Association

prefabricated waiting room

The Civil Service Charities Fund has donated €10,531 to Camara Ireland


The Civil Service Charities Fund has donated €6,000 to the Conference of Saint James,Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

svp logo

The Civil Service Charities Fund has donated €16,000 to support Nurture Post-Natal Support Services

Nurture image

The Civil Service Charities Fund has donated €20,000 to support One In Four

Picture of donation of cheque to "One In Four"

The Civil Service Charities Fund has donated €15,000 to support the development of the Special Olympics Eastern Region volunteer centre.

Donation of cheque to special olympics eastern region volunteer centre

Organisations Funded

St Michael’s House

Presentation School George’s Hill

Lourdes Fundraising Committee

Special Olympics

S.O.F.T. Ireland

St. Audeon’s National School

Templemore Day Care Centre

St. John of God, Cluain Mhuire Services

Dublin Inner City Schools Computerisation

Athy Traveller Group

The Haven, Basin Lane

St.John of God , Menni, Islandbridge


Gaelschoil Bhaile Brigin

St. John of Gods, Suzanne House, Tallaght

St. Michael’s House, Ballymun


Pathways Through Education

Drogheda Homeless Aid Society

New Border Generation

Peamount, Newcastle

Clareville Centre


Achieve, Donaghmede

Rutland Street National School

One In Four

Nurture Post-Natal Support Services

Conference of Saint James Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

Camara Ireland

The Cleft Lip & Palate Association

The Irish Men’s Shed Association

SOSAD Ireland (Save Our Sons And Daughters)

Down Syndrome Ireland

The Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team


ABACAS Kilbarrack Special School