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The Fund Hits the Heights with a €5,000 Grant to the Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team

The Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team (the Team) is an entirely voluntarily operated
112 / 999 service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.wwwdwmrt.ie

While the Team’s main area of operation is in the Dublin and Wicklow mountains, they also cover as far as the Cooley Mountains in Co. Louth. On top of this, the Team will also travel to other parts of the country when requested, to back up other Mountain Rescue Teams and the Gardai.

The Team’s purpose is to provide a professional mountain rescue service for those who find themselves in need. This may include, Mountain or Crag accidents or lost /overdue / missing persons. In the last number of years the team responded to over 50 “call-outs” on average per annum.

The Team is made up of 40 volunteer members who come from all walks of life - outdoor instructors, doctors, ambulance personnel, engineers and farmers to name a few. They have
two vehicles, a transit style vehicle, which acts as an operations base vehicle and a Land-rover which is a first response technical vehicle. Each vehicle is fully equipped with all the lifesaving equipment needed for their roles in a rescue operation.

The Team applied to the Fund seeking a grant to purchase a mobile patient monitor that would continuously monitor all of a casualty’s vitals at the same time. This lightweight rugged portable device can travel with the patient and improve the medical care of unstable casualties.

Mindful of the large number of walking/hiking groups in the civil and public service, the Fund was only too happy to be able to help. What we oldtimers remember as the Finance hillwalkers now have a website www.lunggompas.web.com and have sent us in some photos.

Thank you to Dermot Keane for the following photos taken during
a trip to Kerry :

hillclub photo

hillclub photo

illclub photo

Thank you to Aongus O Haonghusa for the following photos taken during
a trip to Mayo and a pre-Christmas walk in Wicklow:

hillclub photo

hillclub photo

hillclub photo

The Civil Service Charities Fund has granted €7,740.60 to Down Syndrome Ireland

latch on logo

The Fund gets “hands on” with a grant of €7,740.60 to Down Syndrome Ireland to help buy IT equipment for its much needed technology literacy programme Latch-On.

Literacy & Technology Hands On (Latch-On) is a two-year literacy programme for adults with intellectual disability. Latch-On was initiated and developed at the school of education at the University of Queensland and has a strong foundation in educational research and practice. The programme provides opportunities for adults with Down syndrome to commence and continue their literacy development. In recent years, individuals with Down syndrome have achieved levels of literacy that were once regarded by society as unattainable (Moni, Jobling, Lloyd Morgan & Mann, 2012). Such achievements have been possible because of an increased recognition of the need to maintain literacy as part of lifelong learning.

Latch-On is a four module literacy programme offered to adults with an intellectual disability. The programme is taught twice weekly over two years by a qualified teacher who has been accredited to teach the programme. The teacher is assisted by two tutors. The maximum class size is 12 students.

Down Syndrome Ireland is running Latch-On programmes across all four provinces; with thirteen teaching sites nationwide.

For more information please visit wwwdownsyndrome.ie/campaigns-and-projects/latch-on-project/.

The Civil Service Charities Fund has granted €8,600 to SOSAD Ireland (Save Our Sons And Daughters)

SOSAD Ireland (Save Our Sons And Daughters) is an Irish suicide prevention and bereavement support charity founded in 2006 by Peter Moroney. It currently has four offices spread out across the north east region, in Louth, Meath and Cavan. It is independently run by a voluntary board of directors. It was founded by Peter Moroney, along with the help of family and friends, after his second son committed suicide following a long period of depression.

In 2007 the first SOSAD Ireland office was established in Drogheda, County Louth. Counselling services and emergency response and support were offered immediately.

From 2008 to 2010 three new offices were established in County Meath, County Louth and
County Cavan respectively. Each new office followed the same model as the original, providing information, support and response services once opened.

SOSAD offers assistance to those who are considering suicide, who have attempted suicide, and also to the family and friends of those who successfully end their own lives. They provide an emergency call out service 24 hours a day, regular counselling free of charge, support groups and a bereavement support pack containing information and guidance to the bereaved. SOSAD can be contacted at: phone 041 9848754 email: info@sosadireland.ie and www.sosadireland.ie

Around 120 people get support in SOSAD Drogheda each week and bigger premises were urgently needed to meet this demand. The Fund was pleased to grant €8,600 towards the outfitting of these premises. The money was used for the purchase of Computers, a Phone System and Office Furniture / Fixtures for the new SOSAD office at 30 Magdalene Street, Drogheda, Co. Louth.

Recently SOSAD sent in some photos of their new premises showing how members’ money was put to good use.

SOSAD office premise
SOSAD Office Premise

The Civil Service Charities Fund has granted €11,000 to The Irish Men’s Sheds Association to fund an interactive downloadable
Men’s Sheds Manual.

Jerry Malone(Sec) and Jon Evoy(CEO Irish Men's Sheds Assoc)

Shed Crawl-Gerry Malone,Secretary of the Civil Service Charities Fund,with John Evoy,CEO,
The Irish Men’s Sheds Association in Moynalty Men's Shed, Co. Meath

What is a Men’s Shed?

  • Men’s Shed is a dedicated, friendly and welcoming meeting place where men come together and
    undertake a variety of mutually agreed activities.

  • Men’s Sheds are open to all men regardless of age, background or ability. It is a place where you
    can share your skills and knowledge with others, learn new skills and develop your old skills.

  • New members are always welcome and can be assured that there is something of interest for everyone
    as the men have ownership of their Shed and projects and decide their own program of events.

  • An objective of Men’s Sheds is to enhance or maintain the well-being of the participating men.

The Irish Men’s Shed Association (IMSA)www.menssheds.ie was formed to share information freely between Sheds and support communities and organisations wishing to establish a Shed.
The IMSA as a national organisation represents the collective issues of Men’s Sheds in Ireland.

Mr. John Enoy, CEO of IMSA told the Fund: “Most men have learned from our culture that they don’t talk about feelings and emotions. There has been little encouragement for men to take an interest in their own health and well-being. Unlike women, most men are reluctant to talk about their emotions and that means that they usually don’t ask for help. Probably because of this many men are less healthy than women, they drink more, take more risks and they suffer more from isolation, loneliness and depression.

Good health is based on many factors including feeling good about yourself, being productive and valuable to your community, connecting to friends and maintaining an active body and an active mind. Becoming a member of a Community Men’s Shed gives a man that safe and busy environment where he can find many of these things in an atmosphere of friendship. And, importantly, there is no pressure. Men can just come and have a chat and a cuppa if that is all they’re looking for.

Members of Men’s Sheds can come from all walks of life – the bond that unites them is that they are men with time on their hands and they would like something meaningful to do with that time.”

The availability of a downloadable Men’s Sheds Manual will mean that anyone interested in setting up a Men’s Shed will have free and instant access to vast knowledge and information which will facilitate them in setting up and running a Men’s Shed in line with best practice. Experience shows that groups need to act quickly when they have decided to set up such initiatives. As well as having all the required information, the manual will be designed in such a way as to portray the passion and enthusiasm for Men’s Sheds and the work that happens there.

Please also view http://www.irishtimes.com/news/social-affairs/men-s-sheds-encourage-friendship-and-productivity-1.1951441

The Funds swings in to action with €26,000 to help provide a safe environment for children and adolescents attending the National Maxillofacial Centre in St. James Hospital

prefabricated waiting room

St. James is an acute adult hospital and is not designed to facilitate young out patients.
The result is that children and young people are mixed with adults in an environment that
younger children in particular find stressful and alarming. With some 1,200 outpatients visits
a year to the National Maxillofacial Centre, specialist laboratories at St James, from children as young as 7, the Cleft Lip & Palate Association of Ireland recognised the pressing need for a safe, stress free waiting area.

The Maxillofacial medical team, the parents, the young adults and the hospital were all in agreement that the situation was 'too much' for the children on top of everything else they must endure. Originally St. James planned to rebuild the outpatients department facilitating a waiting room for children but in these straitened times the plans had to be terminated.

The Cleft Lip & Palate Association CSCU a completely voluntary organisation undertook an ambitious project to 'drop' the pre fabricated waiting room (pictured above) into a courtyard
space adjacent to the specialist lab. The room would provide the safety, quiet and privacy that these kids so desperately needed.

The Civil Service Charities Fund was glad to help and because of our members who give so generously every pay-day funding of €26,000 was provided.

The Civil Service Charities Fund has recently donated €10,531 to Camara Ireland

picture of Gerry Malone, John Fitzsimons, CEO Camara, Larry Dunne, Steven Daly, Camara Ireland Manager

Gerry Malone ,Secretary, of the Fund, John Fitzsimons, CEO Camara, Larry Dunne,the Fund, Steven Daly,
Camara Ireland Manager

Civil Services Charities Fund teams up with Camara

Since receiving their grant of €10,531 from the Fund,Camara Ireland has been busy working
to deliver eLearning centres to a number of schools around Dublin.

To date they have already installed 80 computers in four different schools. Gaelscoil Cholaiste
Mhuire in Parnell Square, St. Marys National School in Fairview, St. Josephs National School
on the East Wall Road and Mount Carmel Secondary School in Dublin 7 have all benefited. Teachers have received training and this will continue into September when three more
schools will receive laptops and desktops.

The fantastic impact of this support was summed up well by Brian O Tuathail of Gaelscoil
Colaiste Mhuire who commented, 'As you are well aware our system is creaking and
antiquated and in need of serious updating, with your assistance we are now well on the way
to being the envy of many of the schools in the area.'

Camara reuses technology to improve education in disadvantaged communities. They rely on donations of end-of-use computer equipment (laptops, PCs, monitors, power leads, mice, keyboards, etc), which are then refurbished and loaded with educational software before being
dispatched to schools and community groups. Camara recently won an ICT Excellence Award
for their use of technology in education. For further information, visit camera.org

Picture of Steven Daly, Camara Ireland Manager with Gerry Malone,Secretary of the Fund
Steven Daly, Camara Ireland Manager with Gerry Malone,Secretary of the Fund.

The Fund donated €6,000 to the Conference of St.James,Saint Vincent de Paul Society on 17th December 2012.

picture ofpresentaton of cheque to Brian Hogan
Gerry Malone,Secretary, of the Fund, Brian Hogan, Conference of St.James,SVP and
PSEU General Secretary Tom Geraghty.

Holly finally gets her new wheels!

Caption for picture

The fund set up to care for five-year-old Belturbet girl Holly Murphy, who lives with a rare neurodevelopmental disorder Rett Syndrome, got a major boost at the weekend when the Civil Service Charities Fund handed over a cheque for €20,000 - enough for the Murphy family to purchase a new specially equipped motor van for Holly.

Funded by voluntary contributions from both serving and retired civil servants, Gerry Malone, secretary of the Charities Fund, was at the Railway Station, Belturbet where friends and family of Holly and her parents Louise and Shane gathered to welcome the donation.

The family have already bought their new van, kitted out to accommodate Holly’s wheelchair, comfortably, and three brothers and sisters. Mother Louise told the Celt its arrival is a new lease of life for Holly and the whole family.

The Murphy family and the Holly Murphy Fund only began fundraising back in July, first with a Zumba session during the Belturbet Festival and a family evening in Teemore, but it wasn’t until the life-changing donation from the Charities Fund that the family could finally afford their new purchase.

“It means we can go shopping or go anywhere that much easier. With the old car, we had to take Holly’s wheelchair apart to go anywhere. When you’d done that and put it in the boot you never had much room for anything else, it already feels like we can do anything now.

“We’re just so grateful to the Civil Service Fund and to everyone who has supported Holly and the family,” said Louise.

Mr Malone told the Celt the Fund provides funding to voluntary organisations working in Ireland to alleviate poverty, suffering or disadvantage, and traditionally focuses their efforts on assisting community groups. This however, given the case, circumstances and the impressive submission sent in by the family was one, if not the first time, the fund had donated to a specific case and the first time the fund had donated monies to a charity based in Cavan.

“Every application is considered on its merits. For the last 21 years members have generously donated to the fund by direct payroll deduction of €1 for every €1,000 of basic pay. In doing so members have supported many projects and helped disadvantaged people throughout Ireland. We’re delighted to have been able to help out Holly, Louise and Shane,” said Mr Malone.

This photograph taken by Lorraine Teeven and article by Seamus Enright has been reproduced from the Anglo Celt dated 25/10/12 by kind permission of its editor Linda O'Reilly.

Fund Grants €16,000 to fight Post Natal Depression

Nurture image

The suicide of two young mothers suffering from post natal depression was the impetus for Irene Lowry to take action and establish the charity Nurture Post-Natal Support Services, www.nurturepnd.org. The tragic loss of the two young women in 2010, aged just 24 and 29,
was something Ms. Lowry believed could and should have been avoided with early detection and the right support services.

NURTURE provides affordable professional counseling services to mothers, partners and families battling with Depression in pregnancy, Post Natal Depression, Post Traumatic Stress / Disorder and Post-Partum Psychosis (in recovery stage).

The Civil Service Charity Fund has given €16,000 to NURTURE to help those affected by Post Natal

Ms. Lowry said NURTURE would like to thank the Civil Service Charities Fund for its kind support, flexibility and understanding. She particularly expressed the charity’s gratitude to the members of the Fund whose regular contributions made the grant possible.

Larry Dunne
03 October 12

The Civil Service Charities Fund Helps One in Four do More.

picture of

One in Four’s Executive Director, Maeve Lewis pictured with Gerry Malone, Larry Dunne and Joe Brennan from the Fund

One in Four

One in Four professionally supports men and women who have experienced sexual violence,
many of them during childhood. Its aim is to reduce the incidence of sexual abuse by intervening in key areas of the cycle of abuse.

It does this through psychotherapy, advocacy and prevention services. The aim of One in Four client centred services is to bring people from surviving life to living life.

A grant of €20,000 from the Fund has enabled One-in Four to up-date their IT system and create a database that allows the charity to service the needs of their clients in a fast and efficient manner.

One in Four’s Executive Director, Maeve Lewis thanked the members of the Fund for their generosity in helping keep children safe from the threat of sexual abuse.

Eastern Region Benefits From Civil Services Charities Fund

(Extract from Eastern Region Special Olympics blog)

Gerry Malone and Joe Brennan from the Fund present €15,000 to the Special Olympics Eastern Region volunteer centre

Picture of donation of cheque to eastern region special olympics

Photographed above at the recent cheque hand over at the new Special Olympics Eastern region offices are Special Olympics Volunteer Collette Sweetman, Regional Director Liz Callery, Gerry Malone & Joe Brennan both of the Civil Service Charities Fund, Special Olympics Athlete & Volunteer Rita Lawlor, Regional Chairperson Maurice Redmond, Special Olympics Volunteers

This centre is critically important to the future success of the region as it will be the central hub from where the fantastic team of volunteers will conduct their support tasks.

Paul Ahearne, Fundraising Co-ordinator with Special Olympics Eastern Region said “our
volunteers take on a number of tasks all year round such as administration of athlete files, administration of our families programme, recruiting volunteers for sports events, recruiting volunteers to support local clubs within the region and our volunteers are an invaluable resource
in terms of ongoing fundraising campaigns. We would like to thank the Civil Service Charities
Fund for their very generous donation which will hep to ensure the future success of our programme.”

Templemore Community Services Centre

(Extract from the Tipperary Star)

On 30th June, 2010, at a very pleasant function held at Templemore Community Services
Centre, Bank St., the Civil Servants Charities Fund presented a Mercedes Sprinter mini-bus
for use by the Day Care Centre clients. It had been specially adapted to facilitate wheel-chair users, and accommodates 13 passengers.

The Civil Service Charities Fund represented by Tom Quigley, Joe Brennan, and local woman
Joan Byrne, Secretary of the Fund, were brought on a tour of the facilities available at Templemore Community Services Centre. They were very impressed at the facilities and at the marvellous work going on from the beautiful new Pre-school, to the Social Worker Services Offices, and on to the Day Care Centre where the monthly party was about to kick off.

The Chairman of Templemore Community Services Centre Mr. Marcus Wilson was high in his praise of the generosity of the Civil Servants who contributed so generously to the Fund which purchased the mini-bus, and also contributed to so many other excellent causes. He asked the representatives of the Civil Services Charities Fund present to convey to the Board of Trustees of the Fund the sincere appreciation of the people of Templemore for their generous donation, and assure them it will be put to good use for the benefit of the senior members ofthe community. Joan Byrne has had a very long association with Templemore Community Services and the excellent work being carried on within the community of Templemore and District. She and her fellow Trustees welcomed the opportunity to show support and encouragement of the Civil Services Charities Fund for the excellent work being carried on at ground level to improve the facilities and the social life of the more senior members of the community.

The mini-bus will be used to continue to provide and indeed further enhance the facilities offered by the Day Care Centre in collecting the senior clients from their homes in the town of Templemore and outlying areas, and bring them to the Centre for lunch, a good chat with their friends as well as participating in the many services on offer. These include: Arts and Crafts, Card and Board Games, Musical Mornings, Mass and Monthly Parties, Counselling Services, Chiropody, Physiotherapy, Reflexology and Swedish Massage, Hairdressing also to be picked up at their homes and assisted with their shopping if required. Being brought home after their social outing to the Day Care Centre is a treat welcomed by so many who look forward to their next outing, or to one of the regular Day Trips or Annual Holidays organised by Anne.

Anne McNamara, Manageress of the Day Care Centre is always welcoming of new clients, and will be delighted to hear from anyone wishing to come along to the Centre. She will make sure everyone is facilitated and made feel very welcome.

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The Civil Service Charities Fund has donated €2,000 to ABACAS Kilbarrack Special School

ABACAS Kilbarrack Special School logo

The Civil Service Charities Fund has donated €5,000 to the Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team

Dublin&WicklowMountain Rescue team logo

The Civil Service Charities Fund has donated €7,740.60 to Down Syndrome Ireland

Down Syndrome logo

The Civil Service Charities Fund has donated €8,600 to SOSAD Ireland (Save Our Sons And Daughters)
SOSAD logo
The Civil Service Charities Fund has donated €11,0000 to The Irish Men’s Sheds Association

Irish Men's Sheds logo

The Civil Service Charities Fund has donated €26,000 to the Cleft Lip & Palate Association

prefabricated waiting room

The Civil Service Charities Fund has donated €10,531 to Camara Ireland


The Civil Service Charities Fund has donated €6,000 to the Conference of Saint James,Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

svp logo

The Civil Service Charities Fund has donated €16,000 to support Nurture Post-Natal Support Services

Nurture image

The Civil Service Charities Fund has donated €20,000 to support One In Four

Picture of donation of cheque to "One In Four"

The Civil Service Charities Fund has donated €15,000 to support the development of the Special Olympics Eastern Region volunteer centre.

Donation of cheque to special olympics eastern region volunteer centre

Organisations Funded

St Michael’s House

Presentation School George’s Hill

Lourdes Fundraising Committee

Special Olympics

S.O.F.T. Ireland

St. Audeon’s National School

Templemore Day Care Centre

St. John of God, Cluain Mhuire Services

Dublin Inner City Schools Computerisation

Athy Traveller Group

The Haven, Basin Lane

St.John of God , Menni, Islandbridge


Gaelschoil Bhaile Brigin

St. John of Gods, Suzanne House, Tallaght

St. Michael’s House, Ballymun


Pathways Through Education

Drogheda Homeless Aid Society

New Border Generation

Peamount, Newcastle

Clareville Centre


Achieve, Donaghmede

Rutland Street National School

One In Four

Nurture Post-Natal Support Services

Conference of Saint James Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

Camara Ireland

The Cleft Lip & Palate Association

The Irish Men’s Shed Association

SOSAD Ireland (Save Our Sons And Daughters)

Down Syndrome Ireland

The Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team


ABACAS Kilbarrack Special School